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Our Most Diverse Sample Library Ever Released

Infinity is a vast collection of premium samples that were designed by experts from each area of our team.

We had our top drum designers, MIDI composers, professional guitarists, melody loop makers, and top vocalists all come together to work on each section of this project.

And what we ended up with was the most unique collection of samples we’ve ever put together.

This time around, we put a massive focus on our team of professional vocalists to really bring everything together.

Infinity includes everything you need for making a hit record, with premium drum samples, professionally recorded guitars, placement ready melodies, handcrafted MIDI, and the largest vocal collection in Cymatics history.

It’s like having an endless library of inspiration right at your fingertips, ready to go for just about any type of track you’re working on.

Licensing rights included:

  • Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
  • Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
  • Placements with major artists
  • All vocal samples are 100% royalty fre


Cymatics’ Largest Collection Of Royalty Free Vocals
Infinity Vocals is by far our largest and most unique collection of vocals we’ve ever put together.
There’s something about the human voice that can attach certain feelings to music that you just can’t get with other instruments.
But getting access to high quality vocalists & singers can be challenging when it comes to proper recording, engineering, and songwriting clearance.
And over the years we’ve built our own team of professional vocalists from around the world, so this never has to be a worry for producers.


Placement Ready Melodies Designed Perfect For Any Genre
Our team has been experimenting with a ton of genres and styles when it comes to making melody samples.
And the best part about this is, they’re able to take different ideas from each genre and come up with some really unique melodies that work for any style.
The melodies inside this bonus work especially well with RnB, Pop, Trap, Dancehall, and even EDM genres like House… But they honestly sound incredible with any genre of production.
Each melody also incorporates heavy vocal influence, whether it be vocal chops, loops, or phrases throughout each sample.
And you also get the full stems for every melody, so you can take the vocal sample stems and get even more creative with those.


High Quality Guitar Recordings From Session Musicians
This bonus pack was designed entirely dedicated to emotional guitar melodies designed to pair with the vocals in Infinity
This collection of guitar samples were all recorded and processed by our team to work in the style of many different genres.
Whether it’s Pop, RnB, Trap, House, Dancehall, etc, there is something for every style in here.
Every guitar sample included also comes with its original stems so you have full creative control over each loop.


The Ultimate Drum Loop Library
This collection includes tons of amazing drum samples to go with the rest of the Infinity Production Suite, with crisp sounding drum loops, unique drum one shots, fx, and so much more.
It was our goal to put together a pack of drum samples that had everything you would need for bringing a hit record together, regardless of the type of track.
These are easily some of the best sounding drums that our team of drum designers have ever made, and they are sure to make your beats stand out.
Infinity includes tons of kicks, snares, hats, percs, drum loops, fx, foley, and more!


An Endless Source Of Creative MIDI
This collection includes tons of MIDI files designed by our team of top producers to work with multiple styles, with a variety of keys / bpms.
These go perfectly with the rest of Infinity’s sections, and the MIDI compositions inside were written to help you build your own hit records from the ground up.
Whether you want to edit the MIDI into your own melodies, study how we make ours, or simply drag and drop to use them as is…There is so much you can do with these MIDI files.


A Secret Collection Of Full Length Acapellas
To go alongside the main vocal collection of Infinity, we’ve included a full bonus pack of song acapellas to use for your music.
These were all recorded and processed from our team of professional vocalists from all around the world.
The best part about these acapellas is, they also include their original stems, so you can get extra creative with every layer.
Not to mention, they are all 100% royalty free acapellas, so you can create full songs with them and publish those to streaming platforms.

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