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Symbiosis Natures Symphony


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“Nature has always been my biggest inspiration when I compose,” says Copenhagen-based violinist/composer Andreas Bernitt. Symbiosis: Nature’s Symphony is an exciting new cinematic pack inspired by the relationship between nature and music, exploring elements such as wind and water and how the interrelate to musical compositions. This pack was recorded in May 2023 in a studio in Copenhagen, Denmark and field recordings were captured in the nature surrounding the city.Andreas Bernitt is a unique and visionary artist who is an accomplished classical violinist with deep roots in pop, rock, folk and jazz music. He plays concerts all over the world, both performing existing repertoire as well as his own compositions. Bernitt plays several instruments and is also an experienced singer. Andreas explores the relationship between music and nature both symbolically, by “mimicking” nature through instrumental and vocal interpretation, as well as literally, through field recordings and layering nature sounds with musical elements. Andreas explains the inspiration for the pack by saying “A core in my work is circles, water is constantly in motion, and to me, music is always moving. The sound of water, the sound of the ocean, or the sound of wind is neutral – it can be anything.”This pack is a neutral jumping-off point for composing in any genre, containing virtuosic violin playing & vocal textures, as well as gorgeous felt piano contributed by Josh Robertson. Perfect for a nature documentary but versatile enough for any form of film, for electronic music, or a toolbox for any beautiful and intentional soundtrack, Symbiosis: Nature’s Symphony is nature come to life musically.
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