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Micro House Tools 2


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Features & Additional information

Micro House Tools 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed original release. This exquisite symphony of sonic elements will bring fire and soul to your future creative endeavours. Delve into this extraordinary sample pack, intertwining loops, one-shots, and masterfully programmed Ableton tools to birth a realm of musical possibilities to inspire you to traverse uncharted territories of the minimal sound.

A complex rhythmic tapestry is woven by the tenacious drum loops and their accompanying MIDI counterparts. Each beat pulsates with infectious energy, urging you to surrender to its hypnotic cadence. Crafted with utmost finesse and rooted at the core of micro house and minimal house music, these groove foundations will enliven your compositions, infusing them with a sense of purpose and solidarity. Transcending the confines of sample pack alone, be equipped for action with an Ableton project and drum rack to complement the materials of this premium micro house library. Break free from convention and produce textural drums with numerous parameters for creative exploration and see the intricate design of a full micro house project to propel your next studio sessions.

Beneath the surface, basslines await as an amalgamation of sonic subterranean. Their resonant vibrations will transport your listeners to the depths of the music with otherworldly allure. Modular loops present an auditory playground of abstract sonorities. Synths and modular gear from esteemed names like Moog, Peak, Minilogue, and MicroFreak coalesce in this collection, pushing the boundaries of sound experimentation. Jazz-infused melodic movements invite producers to embrace the spirit of creativity, like a master painter’s brushstroke, the character and sophistication conveyed is unparalleled. Not to mention the aura of a deep pad, sweeping across the mix to glue all the compositional elements together.

Peer through a portal to new musical landscapes – now armed with a suitcase full of sounds and compositional tools, you hold the key to sculpting art that surpasses the ordinary and has its sights set on the stars.

Please note: Ableton Live 11.3+ is required to make use of the project and drum rack.

Abstract Sounds are creatively inspired by the best underground vinyl releases from labels such as Yoyaku, EASTENDERZ, RAWAX, and Infuse, to name a few. Our sole purpose is to transmit this sound experience into your next production. All samples are professionally produced by industry leaders, aiming at taking your work to the next level.

All sample content is 100% royalty-free . This means that you can use these sounds in any modern digital audio workstation. Watch this space and keep an eye out for more sample packs from Abstract Sounds.

Product Details:

496 MB
1 Ableton Project
1 Ableton Drum Rack
10 Drum Loops + MIDI
10 Bass Loops + MIDI
20 Pad Loops
25 Modular Loops
25 Jazz Loops
120 Total One-Shots

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