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What is Ableton Live?

Ableton Live is an audio workstation that allows you to compose your own music thanks to the arranger window. But not only! Thanks to its session window, the program is used by many DJs and musicians for live performances, where the artist does not use a pre-made track, but creates a track right on stage live! Thanks to this opportunity, the program has become a favorite for many musicians.

Ableton Live is a program that employs a huge number of famous musicians of all styles and genres of music. It makes no sense to list many names, for example, these are such giants of the music industry as Armin Van Buuren and Skrillex.

This is because the program provides great opportunities for work, improvisation, live performances – and all this in one box, that is: for full-fledged work there is no need to use third-party programs! All this helped the Ableton Live program to gain worldwide fame and become the standard of modern DJing.

What will the Ableton Live from Zero to Expert course give you?

There are many lessons on the Internet, but they are all: scattered, not systematized, and there is not a single course for the full study of the program, all its subtleties and capabilities. That was before the release of this video course “Ableton Live from zero to expert”. The most important feature of this course is that you will know everything about the program. Here we will consider: absolutely all the features of the program, let’s talk about each knob, button, option. We will not only discuss everything in theory, but also teach you how to apply the possibilities of the sequencer in practice. Information is presented systematically and with a detailed description with examples.

  •  After studying all the possibilities of the program, you will no longer waste your creative inspiration, because you     will not suffer in search of the realization of this or that idea.
  •  Work will speed up noticeably. Nothing in our time can be more valuable than such a resource as time!
  •  In your hands will be the most powerful tool not only for writing music, but also for live performances and DJing!
  • By exploring all the possibilities of the program, you will have a lot of new ideas and you will get a new creative impetus.
  • It will no longer be necessary to ask anyone questions about how to do something in the program, they can be asked to you.
  • In your power will be a tool that is used by so many stars of the music industry. You will know about all the functions of the program!

Course content

The course consists of 110 video lessons with a total duration of 9 hours, during which I clearly and clearly explain all the functions of the Ableton Live program. Everything is explained and shown in detail and consistently – you will not have questions about the meaning of any parameter and the need for various functions.

File and Set Management

Working with the file browser
Analysis file (.asd)
Export audio and video
Preview files
Hot swap mode
Decoding and cache network
Analysis file (.asd)
Audio and video export
MIDI files
Live clips
Live projects
Search for missing files
Collection of external files
Search for unused files
Packing projects into packages
Arrangement window

Transport panel
Start playing an arrangement using the locators
Time signature change
Arrangement Loop
Moving and resizing clips
Audio clip fades and crossfades
Highlight clips and time intervals
Using the edit grid
Using ... time commands
Splitting and joining clips
Linked track editing
Clip window
Clip window
Clip Bookmark
Sample tab
Notes tab
Default clip settings and update rate
Audio clips, tempo and warp
Sample Time Warping
Master and slave tempo
Warping markers
Using Warp Markers
Sound Quantization
Settings for good stretching quality
Editing MIDI Notes and Velocities

Creating an empty MIDI clip
MIDI editor
Navigating and moving around the MIDI editor
Harmony, folding and looping
Editing notes
Note Quantization
Editing Velocity and Probability
Multi-clip editing
MPE Editing
View MPE data
Edit MPE data
Audio to MIDI conversion
Cut into a new MIDI track
Audio to MIDI conversion
Using Grooves
Groove editing
Groove pool
Session window
Session Clips
Tracks and scenes
Track status fields
Setting up the session grid
Recording a session in an arrangement
Trigger clips
Launch section
Next action
Routing and I/Os
Sound input
Sound output
Internal routing
MIDI Routing
Playing MIDI from a Computer Keyboard
Connecting external synthesizers

Mixer Live
Audio and MIDI tracks
Track group
Return tracks and Master track
Using the crossfader Live
Soloing and preview
Track delays
Recording new clips
Preparing for recording
Recording in arrangement
Write session slots
MIDI overdub recording
MIDI step recording
Metronome settings and countdown recording
Recording Quantized MIDI Notes
Setting the file type and where the recorded samples
MIDI Capture

Take tracks insertion and management
Making compilations
Working with tools and effects
Using Live Devices
Live Device Presets
Default Presets
Using plugins
Device delay compensation
Automation and Envelope Editing
Write Automation to the Arrangement and Session Views
Deletion primary automation
Drawing and editing automation
Envelope lock and menu commands

Clip envelopes
Audio Clip Envelopes
Mixer and clip device envelopes
Clip MIDI Controller Envelopes
Unlink clip envelopes from clips
Working with video
Working with video
MIDI and keyboard remote control
How to bind MIDI and keys
Capture mode (jerking)
Built-in support for external controllers

Using a second monitor (2x window mode) 109 Using a Second Monitor (2x Window) Freezing, saving computer resources 110 Freeze, save computer resources As you can see, the list turned out to be quite impressive, and the time is different from most courses. I did not want to make the course shorter or somehow shorten, the quality and clarity of the material provided was in the first place. So that you really learn about all the features of the program, and most importantly, to show it as clearly as possible!


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